Philips Fluorescent Light(Extra bright)


We offer a wide variety of lighting products for any purpose. Whether it is for your home, office spaces, corporate buildings and even stadium and large event halls, we have the perfect lighting solutions for you. One of our best lighting options is the Philips Fluorescent lights which are known for being energy efficient and extra bright.

This is one of the best lighting options in the market today which is manufactured by Philips, a renowned and well established manufacturer. We have a long working relationship with this manufacturer, allowing us to enjoy more savings and better service.

This type of fluorescent lighting comes in many types of configuration which can be used to suit your needs. You will find that the Philips fluorescent lights will provide you with the ideal lighting choices and alternatives as they are quality assured and performs efficiently. Buying from us will give you a lot of benefits as described below:

Long life

The Philips Fluorescent light bulbs have been tested and proven to last for a long time. They can be used to light up different types of spaces in varying brightness and is quality controlled for best performance.

Shapes and sizes

Depending on your needs and the space you intend to light up, the Philips fluorescent lights come in different shapes and sizes. This makes them ideal to be used for different types of decoration styles and interior design. This makes the Philips lights suitable for use in any situations be it the kitchen, the bedroom or the living room.

Linear and circular lights

Philips fluorescent lights come in either linear or circular forms. You can choose between any of the two or alternatively, you can use the U-shaped designs as well.

Environmental friendly

Using Philips fluorescent lamps would mean that you are helping to keep the environment clean as the product is eco-friendly. This is because Philips lamps are designed and manufactured using the ALTO Lamp Technology which is some of the lowest mercury lamps in the world today. In fact, Philips has since launched the ALTO II Technology which is made using 50% less mercury than the original ALTO version.

More savings through us

As we are one of the authorized distributors for Philips fluorescent light bulbs, you can enjoy more savings when you purchase your bulbs through us. We have a long working and stable relationship with the manufacturer where we have the best price in the market. When you order in bulk, you will enjoy the lowest price accordingly and this is the price that you cannot find elsewhere. Call us today and we can discuss further on how to help you save cost in your lighting choices.