Philips LED Lighting


When it comes to lighting and its related devices, Philips is perhaps one of the most recognized brands in this industry. This is because Phillips, since it was established has been one of the major players and brands in the consumer electronics sector where it is involved in many areas like healthcare and more prominently in lighting.

Today, Philips Lighting is one of the most recognized manufacturers of lighting devices and components in the world where it leads in the development and manufacturing of these products. Over the years, Philips Lighting has designed and invented countless new technologies which span across more than 100 years.

While Philips is the market leader in the fluorescent and conventional light bulbs, it has built its reputation and future direction on LED lighting solutions as well. Through this market, Philips is able to further strengthen its brand image and company identity of the leader in lighting solutions.

In the LED lighting portfolio, Philips offer a full range of products and services where it is involved in the research and development of LED lighting products, marketing and promotion of the range as well as in other areas like light sources, automotive lighting and such.
The LED lighting solutions undertaken by Philips are done through a conscious effort to sustain the environment as LED bulbs are known to be environmental friendly, durable and more cost-efficient than conventional ones.

Today, Philips offer a wide range of LED lighting products which are designed for use in all types of business and private environment. There are indoor and outdoor luminaires, lamps, lighting electronics and lighting controls. Among its latest products to reach the market include their MASTER LED product series that include bulbs and tubes as well as controls as well as lighting stands for LED bulbs and lamp shades to house the LED lighting products.